How to Reduce Poverty

Food, clothing and shelter as well as a lack of basic requirements are that poverty.
Poverty is one of the main problems faced by India.
Almost 60% of the poverty is located in the states of Bihar,Jharkhand,Odissa,Madhyapradesh,Chattisgarh,Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand
Poverty – Causes
Poverty is a barrier to the advancement of the country, there is no doubt charm. Let the examine the causes of poverty.
1). Unemployment
2). Most of the population
3). Illiteracy
4). Caste System
5). Low wages
6). Low consumption of resources
7). Dependent on agriculture alone
8). Low per capita income
9). The lack of resources is dominated by the workers
10). Corruption
11). Lack of health care
12). Large families
Poverty Reduction – Actions
Poverty reduction in the country’s economic development driven by itself. Country economically, socially move is likely to create the need to avoid poverty. Whose role is to prevent poverty, and how much? It is in the hands of anyone? Increasing the rate of literacy, the following categories of government schemes to ensure that they take appropriate action. Set up workshops to educate farmers and farming as well as other areas of interest to provide. Should be more concerned with the poor below the poverty line. Resources for workers on the full-power capability secure health protection to each and everyone. The government schemes to build as many welfare. The eradication of poverty is the responsibility of each individual and the right So every individual should be working on their third.

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